Finding Balance To Find Success

Emma McCormack always dreamed of following in her mother’s footsteps of becoming a nurse, but she never imagined how difficult those steps would be.

Once McCormack started attending Auburn University, she worked as hard as she could to get the grades to be accepted into nursing school. However, all the work McCormack put in wasn’t enough to get her accepted, and she had to wait another semester to apply. She didn’t let this get her down though, she kept working hard and on her second time applying, McCormack got accepted into Auburn University’s nursing school going into her junior year.

As an eager and excited junior, McCormack didn’t know what was waiting for her in nursing school. She found that balancing involvement in her sorority, maintaining a healthy social life with her friends and staying on top of her work in one of Auburns hardest programs was going to be tougher then she had anticipated.

Going into the second month of her first semester in nursing school, McCormack had fallen behind in work and was struggling to keep her grades up. Going into the third month she was failing all of her classes. Her failing grades made McCormack consider transferring to a different school with an easier nursing program and then she question whether she was meant to be a nurse at all.

After considering all of her options, McCormack decided that she could thrive in nursing school and that she could pass her classes as long as she learned how to balance all of the parts of her life better.

In order to improve her grades, McCormack started to plan her days out. She would set herself goals to meet each day, these goals would include a certain amount of time to study and a certain amount of time to relax with her friends or attend sorority events.

With the changes that McCormack made, she was starting to understand the material that was given to her better. This resulted in an improvement in her grades and she was doing significantly better on tests and assignments then she had previously done.

McCormack is now a senior and he has gone from almost failing out of nursing school to flourishing in the program. She is one of the top students in her program, proving to all students, nursing or not, that if you learn how to balance all of the aspects in your life, then you too can be successful.

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