How To Turn Your Internship Into A Job

Rachel McKean, 21, has always been a hard worker. She got her first job as a hostess at the age of 15, when she was 16 she became a waitress, but when she turned 18 and went off to college in Auburn she decided it was time to focus all of her hard work into her studies.

McKean is a marketing major with a minor in finance and wants to make sure she can secure a good job after she graduates in May. She decided that in order to do that she had to have an internship under her belt. That’s when she found Chic Soul.

Chic Soul is a small fashion company, only consisting of 10 people. She applied for an internship with the company as a backup, but when she went in for the interview she fell in love with the people and the company culture.

McKean was immediately offered a summer internship going into her senior year with Chic Soul.

“When we took Rachel on as our summer intern we only expected to have her in the office part time,” said Dan Smith, owner of Mint Julep. “But by the second week of her working for us we knew we had to have her full time. Her personality, work ethic and creativity are simply inspiring.”

Mckean started working as a full-time intern and by the end of the summer she was offered a part-time job as an employee during the school year.

Now that McKean is an employee she has been given much more responsibility, including editing photos, assisting on photo shoots and running marketing campaigns.

“ I thought that having a job in college would be really hard, but it’s a lot better then I ever expected,” said McKean. “I love that I get to do so many different things for the company, it’s nice getting to dip my toes into all different parts and aspects.”

Over the past few months, McKean has proven to be a key part to making Chic Soul a successful business. So much that she has been offered a full-time, salary-paying job after she graduates.

However, that’s not all. McKean’s boss is so determined to have her accept the job that he has said he will match whatever salary she is offered at a different job.
McKean hasn’t decided yet if she is going to stay at Chic Soul or look for a job in a big city, which is what she has always wanted. She said that she is “flattered” and “grateful” that the company wants to keep her so badly and that it would be an amazing opportunity to be keep working at Chic soul.

McKean has proven that if you work hard, have a good attitude and love what you do, then you can be just as successful as her.

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