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I created my brochure using Canva for my multimedia writing for public relations class. We were given the freedom to make our brochure on anything that we wanted. I decided to do my brochure on something that I am familiar with and love: London! Out of all of the cities that I have traveled to London continues to stay my favorite; it is a place that I hold near and dear to my heart.

In this brochure you will find all of the information you need if you are a foreigner visiting London. The brochure will give you all of the go to places to eat, what shows are currently playing in London and the best art and history museums to visit.

I decided to use Canva to create my brochure because it allowed me to choose between hundreds of different layouts. I chose to use the layout called “New York Travel Brochure” because the layout was perfect for making a condensed travel brochure. I chose to use grey because it is subtle but also red because it stands out and draws you to it. To view the full brochure, click below.