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Case Study


Case Study

Case studies and ethics in public relations is a class at Auburn University where we analyze whether a campaign was successful or not. Throughout the course of the semester when I took this class we looked at over 30 different campaigns and what made them good and bad and how they could be improved.

For our final project my group and I were tasked with choosing a campaign to study. We could study a positive or negative public relations situation, but we were not allowed to use a case that was in our textbook or that had been previously talked about in class. My group decided to study a campaign made by the One Love Foundation. One Love is a foundation that works to educate people on the differences of a healthy and unhealthy relationship. The specific campaign that we studied was a series of videos called “that’s not love” that highlights what in a relationship is considered abusive.

My group and I wrote a final report and presentation using the SWOT analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to determine how successful the campaign was. To view the full case study, click below.