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Premier Agency

In August 2017 I completed an internship at an Atlanta based company, Premier Agency. Premier is a PR and creative agency that specializes in building relationships and integrated marketing strategies for the hospitality, lifestyle and entertainment industry. Their clients include The Bert Show, a highly acclaimed radio talk show, True Story Brands, a luxury restaurant hospitality group and Hublot, a luxury watch company.

During my time as an intern I gained valuable real world experience. I wrote press releases, compiled media kits, pitched stories to writers, posted on social media accounts and much more. I was able to experience what goes into the taping of a tv segment, I attended multiple business lunches and meetings, and I helped set up and stage events. I also had the opportunity to see first hand what the on-boarding process is like when you gain a new client.

My internship provided me valuable knowledge and skills that I will be able to utilize at my next job. If you would like to see some of the work I completed during my internship, you can find them under my portfolio page.