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Inspire is a combination of six stories that I wrote throughout the course of my style and design class in the fall of 2017 for the news outlet Auburn Family. Using Adobe InDesign, I was able to create my 16-page magazine, Inspire. The stories you will find in this magazine are listed as follows:

+ Finding Balance To Find Success
+ Turning Your Internship Into A Job
+ A Passion for Photography and Fashion
+ 5 Ways To Stay Healthy In College
+ Dancing For A Cause
+ From Auburn Student To Burberry Manager

I chose to write about the people and things in my magazine because I find them to be interesting and important. In addition, I decided to name the magazine "Inspire" because all of the people and things that I wrote about inspire me. I have always believed that it is important to have people in your life that inspire you, which is why writing the stories came very natural to me.

With the help from Adobe InDesign, I was able to design the entire magazine, from start to finish, the way I wanted to. Each story contains a title, subtitle, byline, caption and pull quote, along with body text and media. There are a variety of page layouts, fonts and colors used throughout the magazine. Inspire includes a table of contents, letter from the author and six different stories. To view the full magazine, click below.