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Social Media

During my summer internship I managed our companies Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts through different platforms including Hootsuite.


Writing has always been a natural skill for me. However, Multimedia Writing for Public Relations class taught me how to write effective press releases, media pitches, media kits and much more.


I am able to work effectively and positively with others. I believe working in a team is a great way to improve other skills such as communication, patience and leadership.

Microsoft Office

I am proficient in Microsoft Office Software: Excel, Word and Powerpoint.


I am able to confidently brainstorm ideas and give suggestions when working in a group.


With the help from Codecadeamy and Dreamweaver, I know the basics of HTML and CSS language. With this new skill I have been able to create this website.

Public Speaking

I can confidently present in front of large audiences and communicate effectively.


I can effectively create and distribute a Qualtrics survey using the skills I gained from classes like Survey Research and Campaigns.


I am a natural-born leader. I use my leadership skills to help others achieve a common goal in an effective manner.