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Social Media Release


Social Media Release

I created my social media release for my multimedia writing for public relations class. This social media release was written in a group and each group was given a fictional crisis scenario. My group’s scenario involved an explosion that occurred at a concession stand while a mens basketball game was occuring in the Auburn Arena. In this social media release you will find extra content beyond just the press release. I have also included a backgrounder, page of quotes, staff biographies, an infographic and a fact sheet, along with a tour of the Auburn Arena.

Knowing how to write a press release is a crucial skill for public relations professionals, especially during a crisis when you have to compose one under pressure. However, because of the growing influence of social media and technology, social media releases are becoming more prominent. Creating this social media release taught me what is and is not important to put into a media release during a time of crisis. To view the full social media release and video, click below.