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Survey Research


Survey Research

Survey Research provided applicable knowledge in using public relations and communications techniques to assist a real client’s needs. My group was responsible for working with the Opelika Chamber of Commerce to research how effective their social media efforts were and to determine a way to make their social media more useful and recognizable for their key audiences.

My group and I created a comprehensive research project that cumulated into a final presentation and report for the Opelika Chamber of Commerce. To start our research efforts we conducted an online survey using Qualtrics, a research management platform. Our survey consisted of 20 questions, both open ended and closed, we received 72 responses. The survey contained questions to assess how effective the key audiences thought the Opelika Chamber of Commerce social media accounts were and how they thought they could be improved. Survey participants were also given demographic questions in order for us to see what kind of people are members of the Opelika Chamber of Commerce. With the results from the survey, my group and I were able to analyze and write a report on what was going well with our client’s social media and what they needed to improve on. Our final report consisted of six different sections: an executive summary, a literature review, methodology, results, analysis and recommendations. Once we finished our report we presented our findings. To see the full report, click below.