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Public Relations Campaigns is a capstone class for Auburn University public relations students. Campaigns challenged us to take the knowledge we gained from all of our previous public relations courses and apply it into making a campaign for a real clients PR situation. We were asked to create an experiential marketing campaign for our clients; Fox Sports, Auburn Athletics and Verizon. Our clients asked us to create a campaign with the goal of letting the Auburn public know that Verizon is a sponsor of Auburn Athletics.

My group and I constructed a complex campaign to bring brand awareness to Verizon on Auburn University’s campus. Our idea was to create a Verizon RV that would be used for tailgating during football, basketball and baseball games. The RV would be a place for families and alumni to meet up and reconnect. At this tailgate we would ask alumni to share with us on camera what their favorite Auburn memory was and whom it was with. We would then have Verizon pick the top three memories and play them during the game, asking the audience to vote for whose memory should win. Whoever gets the most votes would get the chance to have themselves and the person from their memory flown to Auburn during a game for a VIP experience.

Our comprehensive campaign consisted of five parts: executive summary, concept, execution, evaluation and conclusion. My group and I then presented our campaign idea to all of our clients. To view the full campaign, click below.